Why Egypt’s Luxor Is Known As An Open Air Museum

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How is Egypt known to you?

Well, you may know it for the Pharaohs, mummies or for the ancient cities of Egypt history. Egypt is the place which the travelers love to discover new things from its ancient monuments and historical sites.

For this, the best place in Egypt is the Karnak. Have you heard about this place? No!!! Then you have certainly been unknown about a great secret of Egypt. Know a secret of the history’s archeological site- Luxor.

Egypt's-Luxor-is-known-as an-open-air-museum

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Karnak is commonly known as the open-air museum located at the Luxor, Egypt. Particularly you can locate them at the northern part of the Amun-Re temple enclosure.

Do you know what do Luxor means?

In Egyptian language, Luxor means “the palaces” or “the castles”. In the ancient times, this was the most popular Egyptian city “Thebes”. On the shore of the Nile River, this place is compulsory for the travelers.

Why it’s open-air museum?

In the present times, the Luxor is often known as the open air museum. It is an awesome place for the tourists to visit. One of the major attractions, one can explore the history behind the Luxor’s historical pieces of evidence. Here is a guide for the new travelers to Egypt’s most mysterious place. The main reason behinds its open-air museum concept is that there are so many ancient things to see under the sky.

Guide to travel the place in the easiest way in two days – If you are traveling independently, then it route is considered the most suitable. This archaeological site is being divided into three parts- east bank, west bank and the Karnak temple. Based on the place you are staying, the traveling itinerary should be made. Every site has an entry fee which you have to pay before you enter there.

To start with the west bank, it is composed of the total of 14 sites; each of them is early separated by few kilometers. Crossing these kilometers with your foot is not possible. So the option of the bicycle is the coolest one as it is affordable too. Take it on rent from the hotel you are staying. It costs approx of 30 EGP.
But if you are staying on the east bank (it is quite normal as most of the hotels are situated there), you need to cross the Nile. Boats are available from the national ferry boat.


Know which monuments need a visit –

  • Now which monuments need a compulsory visit?
  • Well if you are planning to visit all of them, it can be quite expensive.
  • This is because every tombs and monument require entry fees. So organize the tour and then start off. Here is a plan for you to help you organize.
  • Best to travel this place is independently rather than in groups.
  • The valley of kings and the valley of queens are the main attraction of your trip.
  • With these two don’t miss out the tombs of nobles.
  • Often many miss this out but these tombs have some unique arts and painting worth seeing.
  • First start with the Habu temple, then go to the tombs and nobles following the Seti temple.
  • Take a break then and head off to the valleys of kings.
  • By the time you reach there, the tour groups have already left and you find a peaceful place to enjoy.
  • For the break carry your own food due to the scarcity of food.
  • This brings an end to the first day.

Day 2 plan- start at early morning –


  • How the second day starts off with the trip?
  • It is directly to the Luxor and Karnak temple.
  • Your aim is to beat off the crowd and start as early as possible in the morning.
  • Head off to the Luxor temple first and then in the evening after 3 pm head off to the Karnak temple. Note that you must ask at the hotel about the opening time of the temples. Different temples open at different times.
  • Luxor temple was made to worship the greatest god The Amun- Ra.
  • This temple is connected with the Karnak temple through an avenue of sphinxes.
  • Do you know how many years it took to finish it completely?
  • Nearly 2000 years were taken to build this temple.
  • Karnak is considered the second largest religious site in the world.
  • So don’t give it a miss anyhow.
  • There are many budgetary hotels in the Luxor to stay at.
  • So now you have an idea about the open air museum of the world at Luxor.


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