Exploring Top 5 Travel Photographers From Dubai

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What are your plans for the next vacation trip? Have you planned on going to some far off places? If you are comfortable in traveling to a heavy budget trip, nothing can be as welcoming and refreshing as Dubai.


Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels

Before you go to Dubai, will you not check out the details of the place? Definitely, you will. Apart from Dubai based sites and blogs, social media today is a brilliant platform that brings everything to you at a single click. When it comes to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, especially Instagram, more than information you rely more on pictures.


In order to explore more about Dubai, go through the following blogs of various travel enthusiasts:


Travel Junkie Diary: The initiator of the Travel Junkie Diary Michelle Karam, began this platform 4 years back. This is a wide arena for individual people to share their personal travel anecdotes, various experiences that they earn and share life-changing moments with the readers. This can be called a gem of a kind that showcases travel adventures, wonderful getaways, the exotic cuisine of Dubai and above all the adrenaline rush that every traveler of Dubai will experience. At its base, the main aim of Travel Junkie Diary is to unite people from all over the world and act as a good travel journal.

Dubai travel blog: As the name suggests, it is a blog of the varieties and varsities of every nook and corner of Dubai, all depicted through the language of pictures and explicit images. Ed is the founder of this blog. He has been staying in the land of Arabian nights for 2 long years. Besides his office work and job, he invests his whole time in visiting places of the city. While he travels and explores, he constantly keeps a track of the various places by clicking pictures. The blog extends to traveling, delicacies, and snapshots.

 The thrift trip: A blog by Joy, who has come far away from the Philippines and settled in Dubai, contains photographs of the streets of Dubai. The main concern of this blog is to highlight the daily life of the city. The thrift trip pictures show how in the daily chores of life one can deal with adventure, thrill, and joy, in the same old ambiance. Along with photographs, the blog writer accommodates every blog with his random thoughts.

 Find me a break: Myla Laurel, besides being a digital marketing executive, runs this blog. You can call it her time for freedom – freedom from the busy office schedule, freedom from the topsy-turvy world and freedom from the shackles of daily life. She provides her readers with interesting articles, all focusing on Dubai. She loves capturing moments and believes that if she does not share those photos with her readers all her efforts will go in vain. She believes in making people feel good.

 The fierce diaries: The Fierce Diaries was propounded by Nadya Hasan. She is a resident of the UAE. Her style, thought process, daily routine, and everything is juxtaposed with fashion. With a gentle touch of elegance in each and every wardrobe of hers, she mixes both the high-profile attires to create a unique style of her own.


After reading of so many travel bloggers, I’m sure you too now wish to create a travel blog of your own. And why shall you not! Many people in this world have no idea about your place. Every part of this world is precious and is an immense creation of the Almighty. There is no harm in letting people know about various locations.


Being a travel photographer, you get to see a lot of new places. If you are an avid adventurer at heart, you will definitely like the job of a travel photographer. You will want to walk to the paths not traveled and take photos of things that have till date not been explored.


A travel photographer needs to embrace the culture and diversity of other communities. You can break down the bondage of rigidity and open your mind to learn something new. You should always be in the learning process. You can connect with other travel photographers as well. While exploring more monuments, unknown streets, forests, deserts, etc. how about getting to capture some exotic wildlife! That’s not such a bad thing.

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