Top 10 high rated tourist attractions in Dubai

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Are you planning a trip to Dubai this summer? Do you think that you want to make the best of this trip? Then you probably have to know about the most beautiful places that you can visit too! Dubai is any day one of the most beautiful places to visit. But there are attractions in Dubai that can be termed as attractions because of the fact that they don’t let people forget about them anytime soon or later.

Top 10 high rated tourist attractions in Dubai

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This is absolutely why we will introduce you to the top 10 best attractions in Dubai, which you simply shouldn’t miss out on when on a trip to Dubai.


Top 10 places to visit:


Following is the list of the top 10 places that you must visit under any condition when in Dubai:


  1. The Dubai creek: This particular creek is absolutely beautiful and has a great historical value as well. The Dubai creek is responsible for the separation of the city into two parts. The Deira, that is situated in the north and the Bur Dubai, which is situated in the south. The settlement in this area begun somewhere around 4000 years ago and thus the stories.


  1. Deira: If you visit the creek, then you will also know about the Deira. This place is situated in the north. And of curse very famous for the Souks that market it has. The Deira has various types of spices as well as essences in the markets. And these turn out to be a real attraction for the people.


  1. The Dubai Museum: The Dubai museum is actually related to the Dubai Creek. This is built in a building known as the Al-Fahidi Fort. This fort was made in the year of 1787. This was built with a purpose of course. It was to ensure the protection of the Dubai creek. This was restored in 1971 to be the museum that it is now!


  1. The Jumeirah mosque: If you visit Dubai, then this is a beauty that you simply cannot miss out on under any condition. This mosque is beautiful and of course, the people can make sure that they will be witnessing the pure essence of the Islamic architecture through this all in all. This mosque can be also called as an exact replica of Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo only 8 times bigger.


  1. Bastakia: This was an abode to the wealthy Persians. This place was a neighborhood of the creek. Built in the 19th century this mainly catered to the Persian traders. These traders used to deal in the pearls and the textiles. The easy to do business atmosphere made them be here in greater numbers.


  1. Burj Khalifa: This is famous all over the world. So why not see it up close and personal when you visit Dubai? Well, of course, you can. The tallest building with a height of 829.8 meters must be a visual treat for the people no matter what. The observation deck on the 124th floor of the building is made for the visitors and one must visit it to get a visual treat for themselves.


  1. The Dubai Mall: The Dubai mall is practically an entrance to the Burj Khalifa. And people must be aware of its presence. This place is really premium and shopping from here can be really fun with so many things to buy.


  1. Dubai Aquarium: This place has a list of about 140 species of different fishes. Of course, the place is one of the major attractions because of the fact that the underwater zoo makes the best for the visitors.


  1. Burj Al-Arab: If you come face to face with the tallest building in Dubai, then you will surely come face to face with the tallest hotel in the world as well. This is definitely is one of the best that you can come across with. It has its own artificial island and also is 321 meters in height.


  1. The Dubai Opera: In order to relax and refresh you, this is the best place to visit. This Dubai Opera is a 2000 seat theatre and certainly one of the major attractions for the tourists as well. Of course, the people will be enticed by the same.


These are the 10 most enticing places in Dubai, which you must visit under any condition. Remember in the process of visiting these amazing places, if you forget to shop, then definitely you can get through with the various options of Online Shopping Dubai has for you.


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