How to Interact with Dubai People in a Gentle Way

Dubai is one of the most famous tourist spots that is liked by people from across the globe. Its rich cultural heritage, lofty towers and building, soothing beaches and arid deserts give a complete pleasure to the visitors. However, if you are a tourist from the European Union, the Americas, and other non-Muslim countries then you need to make some extra effort to interact with Dubai people in a gentle way. Courtesy and hospitality are tow most important virtues of Dubai people and visitors need to reciprocate in a similar manner. With this article thus we have tried to create a piece that will help visitors plan their behavior with the Dubai people. If you are planning to visit Dubai and wish to save a few bucks then buying noon promo codes could be a wise step.



Don’t shake hands: Shaking hands could be a common affair in western countries but it is an absolutely No-No, manner for Dubai people. Arab people greet by saying “asalam-alekum”, and it is better if you too can greet people in the same manner. Handshaking could land you in a legal battle if your host is a woman.


Don’t wear shorts: Though shorts and bikinis are common in western civilization it is a taboo in Arabian countries and same is the case with Dubai. Avoid wearing shorts and swimming costumes in the public place. However swimming costumes are allowed in beaches. If you are going to a party gathering or any kind of congregation then you should avoid tight jeans and t-shirts as these could land you in a trouble.


Take precautions in Ramadan: Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslim world and eating and drinking are allowed only after sunset. Thus, if you are visiting Dubai then refrain from drinking or eating in public during day time. There are many hotels and eating outlets that serve food to people during this period of Ramadan. Non-muslims should eat only from these designated places only.


Dress modestly: Unlike western countries, Dubai people are very much choosy about their clothes and attires. Thus anyone who is visiting Dubai should dress modestly especially in country-sides and areas near the mosques. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be allowed to wear swimwear in the beaches. Of course, you are but refrain from wearing shorts in public place. If you are a woman and wish to enter into a mosque then wear a handcraft.


Be careful while going to a majlis: If you are going to a majlis put-off your shoes at the entrance and then only enter into it. If you are with your wife then be prepared that in some places men and women are escorted separately. Pay respect to female visitors and don’t mess unnecessarily because Dubai has zero tolerance for such activities.


Always use the right hand for your food: While taking or giving food to somebody you should use your right hand only as using left hand could be a bad manner. Sometimes while in a gathering you may be allowed to eat in a group. In such congregations, foods are not served separately to every individual. You are supposed to take a bite from the same container and that too with your right hand.


Be careful while buying alcoholic beverages: If you drink alcoholic beverages then you need to be a little more conscious while buying these beverages. Unlike western countries where beverages are purchased and consumed anywhere, it is not allowed in Dubai. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places is a crime and you could land in some legal problems if you do so. People need to buy alcoholic beverages only from authorized and licensed outlets. Drink alcoholic beverages only in those places that are designated for such activities only.


Stay cool and composed with your wife in public places: Being with your own wife and having a loving hug couldn’t be a problem in western countries but in Dubai hugging and kissing in public places are not allowed.


In other words, we can say is that while you are in Dubai a more modest code of behavior is required. Being drunk and disorderly in public is unacceptable and it could land you in legal trouble, Try to be as modest as possible while you are in the public place.