Exploring Dubai – Great Fashion and Beauty Shopping Capital of the World

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is a shopping hub. It has a thriving nightlife with many local tourist attractions and shops adding to the cultural

The moment I landed in Dubai I headed for the duty-free shops in the airport which has some amazing luxury brands. Use some Noon promo codes to get amazing offers while shop in Dubai. I had a wonderful and quality time which I spent in Dubai.

Flight to Dubai

Dubai is the stopover destinations for major flights between Europe and Asia and finding flights is easy. Do your research from online booking engines. I got my best deal using noon promo codes UAE. It took about five hours to reach Dubai. Dubai International Airport offers some world-class facilities and it is an attraction in itself.

Traveling around Dubai

Travelling is Dubai can be a pretty expensive affair so I took the help of some local guide books which helped me find accommodation in a hostel. Noon coupon codes might help you find luxury accommodation at much lower rates. The newly developed metro line will give you some relief.

Major attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the holiday hotbed of the Emirates. It has everything from sandy beaches to shopping malls. A walk around the Bastakia district took me to the old days of this desert town. Some of the top attractions of Dubai include:

  1. Burj Khalifa – It is Dubai’s landmark building and boasts of being the tallest building in the world. I made a trip to the observational deck located on the 124th floor and got a panoramic view of the entire cityscape. The building also has a Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest fountain.


  1. The Dubai museum: The museum is housed in the Al-Fahadi Fort and is built with coral blocks, woods, and lime. It has all the traditional instruments housed under one roof. The ground floor has display halls covering the cultural aspects of life in Dubai.


  1. Al Bastakiya – Al Bastakiya is an old part of Dubai with traditional housing and is excellently preserved. Its narrow lanes reminded me of bygone eras with collectibles from Arab ceramics. It souk shops which are part of the Arab culture.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is known as the shopping capital of the world with shops for every size and budget. This place is also famous for its shopping festivals. I visited during the festival time in January and won thousands of prices using my noon promo codes.

  • Dubai Shopping Mall: This mall will offer you the most complete shopping experience. This is a mini city with aquariums and a sizeable number of food outlets. I have spent some quality time under the Dubai fountain which moves around music. Buy online from the shop website using Noon Promo codes UAE.


  • Deira Gold Souk: In Arabic souk means to shop and in Deira, you will find plenty of gold shops around the place. I had visited a new souk in a modern building which has gold jewelry scattered all over the place. You can compare and buy like me and increase your chances of getting a better deal.


  • Al Fahidi Street: Since Dubai is tax heaven you will find electronic items at a much lower rate. I bought a refrigerator which would cost me 3-4 times more than in my country. Always ask for an international warranty and check voltage stability.


Food in Dubai

You will find foods of all varieties in Dubai. Dubai has a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Camel is a very popular dish in Dubai and is a local delicacy. I have tried the stuffed camel and it tastes heavenly. Al Harees is another famous dish in Dubai and is prepared with meat and wheat. Try Shawarma which has a very different flavor in the Middle East. Off course who can forget dates, they rule the Arab country. I had 3 bags full of dates which I brought back home.


Dubai is a millennium city and includes some amazing itinerates. Dubai can be your perfect vacation spot and visit the place at least once to embrace the warmth of the city. Dubai can be your ideal honeymoon hub spot or you’re shopping Mecca. One thing for sure, Dubai won’t stop charming you.