Exploring top 12 tourist attractions in Dubai

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Thinking of visiting Dubai this vacation? Well, Dubai certainly has made a name for itself in the past many years of time. And with time it has certainly developed into a country that can welcome people from all over the world without any problem at all.

If you are visiting Dubai then there are certain things that you cannot absolutely do without. And one of these is the fact that you cannot do without visiting few important places. The list mentioned here will allow learning about the 12 most important places in Dubai where you can visit for sure!
Exploring the list of the 12 tourist attractions that you simply cannot avoid to visit:
1. Burj Khalifa: This is one of the most renowned all over the world. Many people come from various places only to get a glimpse of Burj Khalifa that is right now the tallest building on the face of the Earth. This is somewhere around 829.8 metres in height. The observation deck on the 124th floor is a must visit.
2. The Dubai Museum: When the creek was built, then a fort was made to protect it in the year of 1787. And this was known as the Al Fahidi Fort and now this fort has become the home to some of the finest artefacts. Of course, this is the Dubai museum nor and was restored in the year of 1971.
3. The Jumeirah mosque: A beautiful mosque that talks about the Islamic architecture is really something that cannot be left out. It is 8 times bigger than that of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. And also it is the exact replica of the same.
4. Bastakia: The neighbourhood to the Dubai Creek, the Bastakia was a home to the wealthy Persian businessmen. These businessmen actually came to Dubai to trade in the Pearls and the textiles. Of course, they found the no tax regime pretty great. It is now one of the most sought-after tourist attraction.
5. Dubai Aquarium: If you are a fan of species of fishes, then this underground aquarium zoo is a place for you to visit. This place certainly has somewhat over 140 varieties of fishes for the people.
6. Deira: The Deira is practically situated in the north of the Dubai creek. This settlement has one of the most unique features in it. and it is none other than that of the Souks. The souks are also known as the markets and these markets are known for their essences and spices. In case you don’t get to shop from the souks then the options of Online Shopping Dubai has for you works the best.
7. Burj Al-Arab: The tallest hotel in the world is this again. Of course. the Burj Al Arab can make you go weak on your knees. This is around 321 metres in height and has its own Island.
8. The Dubai Opera: This 2000 seater theatre truly is one marvel that people can come across with no matter what. Many Operas and plays are organized here every day and people must make sure to catch at least one glimpse of the same.
9. The Dubai creek: The Dubai creek is one of the most famous places that you can come across with when in Dubai. This creek separates the city into two amazing places. The settlement in the creek started around 4000 years ago and this is really impressive in many ways. Visiting the creek is something that you cannot miss out on.
10. The Heritage and Diving Village: If you are to know more about the pearl diving techniques and all about its whereabouts then people can expect the best from this village. One must absolutely make sure of the fact that this place cannot be left out of their list.
11. Jumeirah beach: This particular beach is open to all and one of the best that people can visit. The golden sand and the clean atmosphere make this beach so very acceptable in all the ways.
12. The Dubai Mall: When you are to enter Burj Khalifa, well, you have to cross the Dubai mall as well. One of the most luxurious and efficient malls that people can come across with is this. Of course, one must understand that this mall is a great attraction for the people.
All these are the best places in Dubai that you can visit too. Of course, missing out on these can be a loss that you cannot recover from.

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