Exploring the Top 10 Attractions of UAE

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Are you planning to run away from the busy and stressful hectic life to a long vacation? But cannot decide the destination? We will help you out in this matter. Whether it is your honeymoon, or family trip, or bachelor trip nothing is better than Dubai. Am I right? I know obviously, you are nodding your head. When we heard Dubai, a big smile comes on our face. Dubai is a famous city of the middle east. The most unique nature of Dubai is they welcome their tourists with an open heart. You will never feel that you are not in your country. They will make you feel so comfortable. Sounds cool right? So do why to waste time? Just pack your bag and let’s go for a long trip to Dubai.



Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

You must be thinking what time to visit, I mean the best time to visit? Wait, you do not have to worry at all, in this article we will brief you totally about Dubai, when to visit, how to visit, top attraction places etc. Wherever you go you should know the place first. So that once you go the place you know everything before. If you ask me I would suggest you go to Dubai November to March. This time is the best time to visit there, Last year I went there with my family in the winter vacation. I still remember the welcoming nature of Dubai. Now stop thinking and start booking for Dubai trip. I bet it will be full of fun. In this article, we will brief you top ten locations in Dubai that one should go at least once.


1. Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings in Dubai; rather we can say that it is world’s tallest building. Burj Khalifa considered the sky-high landmark of UAE. It gets the title of world’s tallest freestanding structure. The elevator of the building is to cover the longest distance within the building. If you ever been to Dubai Burj Khalifa is the first place to visit.


2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Mosque has constructed a modern design mosque, full of incredible beauty. This mosque is totally different from other mosques. I can bet you that you will be awestruck once you will enter the mosque. The ancient craftsmanship and the beautiful and contemporary design, the mosque blend with the modern texture and ancient style.


3. Hajar Mountains: The Hajar Mountains is a wild heart of the Dubai. You will have a great experience with the roller coaster. People who are the nature lover love trekking, hiking, bird watching opportunities everything you will experience there.


4. Sharjah Art Museum: Sharjah Art Museum is the most important museum in Dubai. The museum is dedicated to the arts of United Arab Emirates. People who love to collect art form in the United Arab Emirates this museum is like their home. The museum is known for the beautiful Arabic artist.


5. Jebel feet: If you have seen a number of deserts, just go once to the Jebel feet. Give one day to Jebel feet. For many tourists, it is a great trip from AI Ain and Abu Dhabi. Jebel feet are the second highest peak of Dubai. The desert will greet you all the way you have to drive by the mountain road.


6. Bastakia: Never think to miss Bastakia when you are in Dubai as Bastakia quarter is the remaining fragment of old Dubai. The heritage area looks small but the simplicity and the past history will attract you.


7. The deserts: If you want to be the part of the endless desert come to Dubai. Huge numbers of deserts hug the city’s coastline. Things you will not find in the city will get here, four wheel drive, Sandboarding, camel trek, hiking and if you get tired after doing all these adventures and not in a mood for market shopping, don’t worry online shopping Dubai will fulfill your all desire.


8. Beaches: Dubai is known for its beaches. Abu Dhabi’s golden sand beach is famous. You can relax on the shack of the beaches. Many water sports are available here.


9. Dubai Creek dhow ride: If you are visiting Dubai, they must enjoy Dubai Creek dhow ride. You can get different types of boats for the ride and choose any one as per your desire and budget.


10. AI- Bidyah Mosque: It is another popular mosque which you can see here. It is one of the popular Mosques in Dubai.

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