Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them

The season of colors and trends is here, yes we’re talking about none other than Summer Season.  Summer Season has always given a new style trend to the fashion industry and designers. From bold color palettes to tropical vibes to high fashion embellished designs, Summer has everything for every occasion. Summer Season 2020 will be ruled by the likes of sequins, shimmer fabrics, lace, color hues, tropical patterns, athleisure, and denim. To get discounts on all summer fashion style, just visit Gulfshoppingdeals.

Let’s look at some ready to wear summer fashion that will dominate wardrobes across the globe.

Lace Dresses

Women’s love for Lace is unending and unimaginable. Lace can be found on almost every fashion sartorial including dresses, tops, gowns, skirts, lingerie, and even sarees. This versatile fashion style can take your fashion game to new heights. Be it a casual dinner, a semi-formal occasion, or a high-profile event, Ace the show with lace midi dresses or evening lace gowns. Get your designer pair from Ounass.

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them


Prints Will Rule Summer

If we have to place our bets on something that is timeless, we will give it to prints. Prints have ruled the fashion trends for decades. If someone likes floral, the other has the opportunity to go for Polka dots or if someone wants to explore a wild side, we have got animal patterns, there is absolutely no limit to patterned clothing. If you want to go for something more elegant, go for stripes or handprints. Prints don’t just look cool, they are quirky, and up to the minute. Head to H&M to explore new and season trending patterns.

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them



Some of you might agree that Sequins are for special occasions or for the festive season, but we differ from this thought because Sequins today have changed the way the fashion industry works. Sequins can now be seen on jumpsuits, crop tops, short dresses, gowns, sleeves, camisoles, shirt tops, jackets, skirts, blazers, etc. Go big or go home with Sequin designed clothes that will be the heart of Summer Fashion this 2020 season.

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them



Checks have always been considered a timeless classic. From shirts to dresses, checks symbolize detailing, seriousness, and neatness. This summer season, the emphasis has been laid more on blazers in different check patterns. Check blazers can replace the conventional blazers and are suited for both casual and formal outings. Check blazers can be paired with regular trousers, denims or even slim-fit pants. Available on Namshi with discounts.


Denim Blues

Here’s our favorite part: Denim. Denim is love, denim is home. A relaxed calm attitude can only be described by one fashion classic i.e. Denim. Season 2020 again will be reclaimed by different denim types like flare denim, boot-cut, skinny-fit, and relaxed denim. These are must-haves for your wardrobe and for the scorching summer heat. Shop a range of denim from Elabelz.

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them



Nobody thought Athleisure could be a part of our everyday lives. And here we are now, using Athleisure as a street-wear, work-wear, and even party-wear. The style that was meant for running, gymnasium, and CrossFit has now transformed into something much bigger and versatile. Women are using their Athleisure fashion to work like wearing leggings under coats and with shirts, wearing tights with crop tops and jackets for a street smart look, and layering sports pieces like sneakers under dresses. This will still rule the charts in 2020 and you should score some too from Victorias Secret.

Summer 2020 Fashion Trends UAE & Where To Buy Them